Age 24
Gender Female
Sexual Preference Straight
Country Belgium
Marital Status ---
Smokes ---
Drinks ---
Languages Spoken Russian


Height 170
Hair Color Blonde
Hair Length Long
Eye Color Green
Ethnicity Caucasian
Body Type ---
Breast Size Big
Female Type Babe
Body Hair Little
Tattoos No
Piercings No

Hellensnow's photos


You maybe wondering what kind of experience you will have in this room. Well, it depends on my mood. I am a sensual and seductive type of woman, but sometimes I love to play hard. All depends on how you play with me and how hard you make my lush play with my pussy. In my free time I like to watch movies. I am a really big fan of Marvel's, Pixar's movies and also, I’m  a little bit of an otaku, meaning I like watching anime. I enjoy reading good books, cycling, dancing….ufff I like a lot of things and I have the feeling that I start to bore you so I will stop here with the enumeration. One of my dreams is to have enough money that someday I will be able to build an animal shelter and save as many animals as possible. The other dreams are quite selfish …. :P ⭕ 5 tok - Kiss you( Dich küssen) ⭕ 10 tok - If you think i am beautiful ⭕ 15 tok - Pm ( private Nachricht) ⭕ 25 tok - Flash feet ( Blitzfüße) ⭕ 40 tok - Flash boobs (Flash Boobs) ⭕ 45 tok - Flash pussy ⭕ 50 tok - Flash ass ⭕ 80 tok - Doggy pose ( Hundeposition) ⭕ 100 tok - Love me :x ( Liebe mich) ⭕ 155 tok - Sexy dance (sexy Tanz) ⭕ 199 tok - Legs tease (Beine necken) ⭕300 tok - Change outfit (Outfit wechseln) ⭕345 tok -For that special SMILE(Für dieses besondere LÄCHELN) ⭕1111 tok - Be my Hero ( Sei mein Held) ⭕ 222 tok- Snapchat 26.04.2021----02.04.2021 Moscow time  Monday -- 9am-3pm  Tuesday -- 3pm-9pm  Wednesday-3pm-9pm  Thursday - 9pm-9am  Friday - day off  Saturday-3pm-9pm Sunday- 9pm-9am